VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific & VNU Exhibitions Europe Estimates a Monumental Breakthrough in Business Negotiations Turnover during VIV Asia 2017: The Historical Target of Baht 15bn (15,000,000,000)

Bangkok – March 22, 2017.

VIV Asia 2017 — the top-tier agricultural technology and animal husbandry trade show, the largest of its kind in Asia — has come to a close. All the more: A historical one. The mise-en-scène was all imbued with liveliness and élan vital in its fullest. VIV Asia 2017 has witnessed with joy an enormous number of 45,952 visitors from 130 countries. Business negotiations carried out as during the aforementioned event are expected to exceed Baht 15bn (15,000,000,000), thus in process reflecting the overall image of Asia’s animal husbandry economy in rising.

Over the course of three days, “VIV Asia 2017” has been remarkably and resolutely focused upon providing solutions, under the concept “From Feed to Food”, i.e. from manufacturing of produces to processing of food products, whereby more than 1,050 companies from 53 countries such as China, the United States (of America), the Netherlands, France, Germany, and those in ASEAN community including Thailand. A vast array of technologies and innovations, including tools and equipment, all regarding the enterprise of animal husbandry were showcased at the venue, in which teams of personnel with expertise were stationed nearby, ready to provide answers and pieces of advice up close. The exhibits showcased and the expertise provided at VIV Asia 2017 cover a variety of relevant businesses to dairy cattle, swine, poultry and egg, aquatic animal, as well as pet animal. International seminars prior to and after the event both have proved to be of great interest to businesspersons and animal farming entrepreneurs, as witnessed in the delightful turnover of visitations amounting to more than 18 percent.

In addition, VIV Asia 2017 was equipped with myriads of activities: e.g. the announcement of winner(s) of “e-Novation Awards’, the result(s) of which was/were derived from the number of votes cast by participatory visitors. Year 2017 e-Novation Awards winner for Animal Health section is CHICK Program from Ceva, farm production is V Series from Heering, Feed / CropTech-Feedtech is Grinding line from Van Aarsen, Feed / Ingredients and Additives is Perfegg from Neovia. In addition to e-Novation Awards, the winners of “Asian Personality Awards” were also announced during the official opening event. Asian Personality Awards, which has found its inception in the wake of collaboration between “VIV Asia” and “Positive Actions Publication”, is presented to the beautiful minds that devote themselves to animal husbandry industry in Asia. This year witnesses four distinguished winners i.e. Mr. Bae received International Hatchery Practice/VIV – Asian Poultry Breeder Personality Award, Dr. Sumeth Sapchukun received International Poultry Production/VIV – Asian Poultry Personality Award, Professor Roongroje Thanawongnuwech received International Pig Topics/VIV – Asian Pig Personality Award and Dr. Vinod Ahuja, Food and Agriculture Organization, Bangkok, Thailand received International Dairy Topics/VIV – Asian Dairy Personality Award.

Furthermore, during this year’s event, a brand-new online platform titled ‘VIV Online’ has been launched as well, in response to the global technology landscape and virtual world. With a series of technological advancements being applied to its business models and the organizing of this event, VIV Asia provides a testament to the notion that VIV Asia will keep on moving after these three days. Simply search on all conceivable social media for keywords: VIV Asia. Other than the aforementioned awards, there was a special online campaign i.e. “Teddy Bear” campaign. Teddy Bear campaign provides the opportunity to personnel in the animal husbandry industry to participate by submitting short audiovisual clips with VIV Asia’s mascot whilst in process sharing their heartfelt anecdotes. The winner, also announced live at this event, is Vicky Engsted from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and Martin Vonk from Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. This year’s prize given to the aforementioned is the international tour package. These campaigns have been created so as to practically showcase and support the buildup of the platform and center of experts in animal husbandry discipline as witnessed in VIV Asia. In fact, not only does “VIV” signify another epitome of a tradeshow or exhibition, but also a crucible in which experts and specialists in the industry will fall into conference with one another apropos of talks and negotiations, and for consumption of most updated news and information — biannually (every two years).

Mr.Yousef Daoud, Product Manager of Breeders from Roxell said “We are always participating in VIV Asia. We believe in VIV Asia is a very convenience exhibition to meet the customers. VIV Asia is as a spot to meet many difference equipment suppliers worldwide.” In term of the new customer who be a part of VIV Asia for the first edition, Mr.Jiwei Gao, President of Beijing Kingpeng Global Husbandry Technology Co.Lts. said “Even though this is our first time in VIV Asia. We can feel that you did a great job in Bangkok. Not only have many exhibitors but also many visitors as well” Mr.Bouke Hamminnga, Director International Sale & Business Development of Pas Reform BV said “I think it very important to come here and visit VIV Asia because this is the market place to come in Asia and this is the exhibition where you can come and find anything from Feed to Feed.”

Even though VIV Asia event has come to a close this year, those interested in technology and innovation for animal husbandry will have an opportunity to keep themselves updated on a number of homonymous events in other global regions via VIV Russia will be held from May 23 through May 25, 2017 at the International Crocus Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia. Interests to attend the exhibition, please contact +662 670 0900 ext. 204

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