Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) services

VNU Asia Pacific’s PCO-Team (Professional Conference Organizer) is ready to support you with physical conferences as well as any online/virtual formats and/or webinars. With 10+ years of experience in a variety of business sectors, we are ready to be your international conference partner for the full range of conferences and online platforms. If you are looking for the best full-service package ranging from Conference Administration, Speaker Management, Operations, Marketing to Digitalization. Check out our Portfolio and Behind the Scene VDO

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Webinar Experiences

“This webinar was extremely well organized.  I have learnt a lot from you as professional organizer.”

“Thank you to all your staff for an excellent organisation of the webinar. I am happy to note that this event was successful.”

“Dear all, again a very BIG thank you for today’s plenary session.  It was excellent, particularly Subhash’s moderation.  A special thank you to Yaowalak (VNUAP Team) and the Secretariat for their superb support, particularly for your support in recording the interview with David Cameron.   Hopefully next year we can enjoy PMAC 22 together in Bangkok.”

“Thank you again for inviting me and for the very well-planned event. It was inspiring to hear from all of you and learn so much too. Thank you Diarmid for excellent moderation, Cecilia for your support and Yaowalak (VNU AP Team) for your attention to detail on all things.”