PET FAIR SEA MOVED TO JANUARY 2021 – Virtual Buyer Platform to be launched first

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Virtual Buyer Platform to be launched first

Bangkok, July 10 2020

Despite Asia is getting more COVID-free countries and some international travels may soon be restarting the organizers of PET FAIR SEA have decided to postpone the launch of the trade fair this October. to 20-22 January 2021.

Instead of hosting a physical live-event October, VNU will launch a virtual buyer fair called PreConnect to be held on the original opening date, October 14 2020. This platform enables fast-growing buyer demand to meet new brands and products virtually. The virtual PreConnect is a 1-day event invites the top influential buyers from 15 countries and is designed to help both buyers and exhibitors to start exploring business opportunities before meeting face to face next January.

“As a fast-growing community, we believe in change by innovation. PET FAIR SEA represents brands from across the world. The international community, in particular from Europe and North America are major contributors. We believe that exhibitors should have at least 3 months’ time to prepare for a quality and international trade fair. We choose to give more time for a recovery of international travel.  With postponing the physical trade fair, we still support our exhibitors and buyers to organize their participation and connecting them ahead of the physical meetings through our virtual PreConnect platform”, says Manuel Madani, who is leading PET FAIR SEA.

The PreConnect buyer platform is coming to market by the end of August 2020. It’s offered as a service to registered exhibitors and new-comers that can’t travel yet. The physical trade fair PET FAIR SEA together with WSAVA Masterclass, The PETXPERT and seminars will be taking place on 20-22 of January 2021. The online registration will be re-opened again from Oct 1, 2020. For those attendees and visitors who already preregistered, the information will be automatically transferred to the show in January 2021.

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VNU Asia Pacific is part of the VNU Group, a globally operating exhibition company with offices in Utrecht, Shanghai and Bangkok, and consolidates the international exhibition business of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs. In South East Asia, Jaarbeurs has formed a Joint Venture with TCC Assets, a leading corporate conglomerate in the fast-growing region. From its business hub in Bangkok, VNU Asia Pacific covers all key exhibition markets in South East Asia. VNU Asia Pacific has a constantly expanding portfolio including brands from the AgriTech, Animal Husbandry, Animal Companion, Food, Life Sciences and Biotechnology industries.

Royal Jaarbeurs belongs to the top 20 exhibition organizers by revenue worldwide and operates a 100.000 square meter exhibition center in the city of Utrecht, in the Netherlands. The Thai counterpart, TCC Assets, is one of South East Asia’s most recognized corporations. The portfolio of TCC Assets includes real estate development, hospitality services, as well as engineering and lifestyle services.

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