Bangkok, Thailand – The German Agricultural Society (DLG) and VNU Asia Pacific, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, is organizing the highly anticipated Agriconnect Conference & Exhibition 2023. This event is taking place from 24-25 May 2023, at True Digital Park in Bangkok, Thailand.

Agriconnect 2023 is a global platform that brings together over 300 participants from diverse sectors, including agricultural experts, industry leaders, researchers, policymakers, and farmers, all committed to advancing sustainable agriculture practices and fostering innovation in the field.

Under the theme “Eco-efficiency: Solutions for Environmental Farming Business.” Agriconnect 2023 aims to address the most pressing challenges facing the agriculture industry today. The event will showcase cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and collaborative solutions that can drive positive change and contribute to a more resilient and inclusive agricultural sector.

The conference, which is the highlight of the event, is featuring a stellar lineup of renowned speakers and thought leaders, who will share their insights and experiences. The event will feature more than 30 speakers from nine countries and innovative sponsors. Keynote speakers and representatives from international organizations, such as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN-FAO) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), will share their best practices and solutions in more than 15 sessions. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge, engage in meaningful discussions, and forge strategic partnerships that can shape the future of sustainable agriculture.

Mr. Igor Palka, Managing Director, Managing-Director, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co Ltd. said “We firmly believe in the power of trade fairs as a platform for business-to-business interactions and as marketing tools to stimulate the agriculture and horticulture industries. That is why we have chosen Thailand as the location for Agriconnect Conference & Exhibition 2023. During the exhibition and conference, we encourage you to engage in in-person business discussions and leverage our platform to expand your network and connections. We are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy AGRICONNECT and return with valuable knowledge and fruitful business connections. We appreciate your support and participation in our endeavors.”

“Eco-efficiency in agriculture is the key to reducing our environmental impact while meeting the increasing demand for food. Practices such as precision farming, conservation tillage, and integrated pest, nutrient, and water management play a pivotal role in achieving eco-efficiency. It is crucial to acknowledge that limited knowledge of emerging technologies and restricted access to new techniques can hinder progress, leading to poor yields and decreased revenue. We would like to invite all of you to join the discussion on how we can make farming more efficient in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Let us unite our efforts, form a network of innovation, and work towards our shared goal of achieving greater sustainability in food production.” Said by Mrs. Katharina Staske, Managing Director, DLG Thai Co., Ltd (German Agricultural Society).

Mr. Narapat Kaeothong, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thailand said “On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, I have a great pleasure and honor to be here to deliver the Opening Remarks of the Agrifuture Conference and Exhibition 2023, which is the event for sharing and preparing the solutions for tomorrow’s agribusiness challenges and environmental impacts, as a co-host today. As the Ministry’s point of view, eco-efficiency agriculture is also essential to protect the environment. It is aimed at achieving more with less—more agricultural outputs, in terms of quantity and quality, for less input of land, water, nutrients, energy and labor. believe that this forum will give a lot of benefits to us all and I wish everyone will gather knowledge and experience to successfully meet all objectives.”

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