Health and Innovation Asia 2024 : Unveiling the Future of HealthTech in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand – 7 September, 2023 – VNU Asia Pacific proudly announces the upcoming debut of its groundbreaking event, Health and Innovation Asia 2024, in conjunction with Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2024. This dynamic event is scheduled to take place from September 11-13, 2024, at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), firmly establishing itself as the premier business-to-business platform for delving into the cutting-edge realm of health technology in combination with their relevant and smart ICT solutions and technologies to boost Thailand’s Digital Healthtech revolution. The event is poised to transform Bangkok into the epicenter of innovation, where the convergence of health and technology promises to revolutionize the future of healthcare.

Empowering Healthcare through Technology

Health and Innovation Asia 2024 aims to spearhead a new era of healthcare innovation in Bangkok, catering to a diverse spectrum of healthcare professionals seeking to explore the potential of technology in shaping the future of wellness.

This landmark event is in partnership with Zorg & ICT, renowned for being the largest health tech event in the Netherlands and part of the Dutch Health Week, organized by the prestigious Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs – the international shareholding company of VNU Asia Pacific. Health and Innovation Asia will stand as an annual gathering, attracting thousands of experts and visionaries from various healthcare sectors, fostering an environment of information exchange and inspiration fueled by smart technologies and visionary solutions that contribute to sustainable and future-proof healthcare throughout Asia.

Thailand’s Digital Revolution and Readiness

According to Mr. Igor Palka, Managing Director of VNU Asia Pacific, “Thailand’s digital transformation is accelerating through the Thailand 4.0 economic model. It aims to create a value-based digital economy, prioritizing economic prosperity, social well-being, human values, and environmental protection. Major investments in technology have led to significant advancements in smartphone and broadband connectivity. Digital information can transform the quality and sustainability of health and care. Used effectively, it can help save lives, improve health and wellbeing and support a sustainable health system that delivers safe, high quality and effective health services to the entire population in Thailand and Asia.

We see immense potential and opportunity in bringing this event to Bangkok, and that’s why we are excited to establish Health and Innovation Asia in Thailand in 2024.”

Among the array of endorsed Thai health tech applications are stalwarts like H4U, Thai First Aid, YaAndYou, Mental Health Check Up, Covid Tracking App, and an array of others, championed by governmental encouragement. Yet, the sphere of innovation transcends administrative boundaries, with private enterprises equally pioneering high-tech applications that promise to enhance the lives of millions.

Health and Innovation Asia 2024 is poised to showcase an extraordinary array of high-technology brands from across the globe, encompassing both ICT Business and Health Business domains.

Prime Location for Innovation

Situated at the heart of the ASEAN Economic Community, Bangkok stands as a prime location for the convergence of healthcare and technology. With unrivaled access to a vast market of 663.9 million consumers, coupled with its position as the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, Bangkok boasts a formidable GDP per capita of US$18,760.8 (PPP) in 2021. The city offers unbeatable connections to CLMV countries, China, and India, facilitated by world-class transportation infrastructure. Bangkok’s exceptional digital connectivity, skilled labor force, and high standard of living underscore its status as a paragon of cost-effectiveness and an investor’s haven, supported by comprehensive government policies and incentives.

The event is scheduled to be part of a planned Bangkok Health Week, which includes several unique decentralized event around the city during the same period in September. The festival will be developed and organized in partnership with DieckertJones, an internationally acclaimed brand & communications agency based in Berlin and Bangkok.

Unparalleled Synergy: Health and Innovation Asia and Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL

Mr. Anucha Parnpichate, Senior Project Manager of Health and Innovation Asia 2024, further emphasized, “The co-location of Health and Innovation Asia with Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL showcases our commitment to fostering innovation and driving progress in the healthcare sector. By combining the forces of cutting-edge health technology with advanced laboratory solutions, we are creating a dynamic platform that transcends boundaries and offers unmatched value to our attendees. This synergy will enable healthcare professionals to explore a holistic spectrum of innovation, from diagnostic breakthroughs to state-of-the-art IT solutions, all under one roof.”

Unlocking Participation Opportunities

Health and Innovation Asia 2024 extends an open invitation for businesses, organizations, and individuals to seize the opportunity to showcase their IT solutions, hardware products, software and services, and expertise to an expansive audience of healthcare professionals. With an array of participation options, ranging from all-inclusive stand construction packages to customizable digital matchmaking tools and marketing solutions, there is a perfect fit for every budget.

For inquiries and special offerings, please contact Mr. Anucha Parnpichate at [email protected] or call Tel. +6621116611 Ext. 240

Join us at Health and Innovation Asia 2024 and be part of the groundbreaking transformation that is shaping the future of healthcare through technology.


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