VNU Asia Pacific sets itself a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Agenda and looks positively towards 2021

All learnings gained from beyond-comfort-zone experiences to defy pandemic challenges have inspired the team of VNU Asia Pacific to level up its commitment to maximize returns and increase stakeholder engagement through the pursuit of a consistent CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility agenda in 2021.

Among the numerous CSR initiatives, VNU starts this program by supporting poor Thai children to have access to education, operating under the belief that children are the future hope of the society. Giving them access to education can contribute to their well-being, thus, allowing them to become good citizens of the country in the future.

An inspiring teaser for this initiative was successfully held on the 19th of December 2020 at a small community of poor children at Lardprao. VNU team brought smiles to around 50 children that have been supported by Bangkok Haven Foundation under COC (Christian Outreach Center) by organizing a small Christmas Party for them.

The kids enjoyed playing games and were extremely delighted with the prizes and gifts received by each one of them. In-kind and cash donations were also given to the Foundation and directly to the children.

NCC Image and Agility, the company’s trusted service suppliers, rendered valuable support to make this event happen. And they are fully committed to support VNU in their advocacies for CSR in 2021.